Knut the Polar Bear

“Saturday December 29, 2007:  Our final day in Berlin.  After a nice breakfast, we went to the Berlin Zoo (or, Zoologischer Garten).  We saw the famous Knut — the 1-year-old polar bear who had been rejected by his mother.  But he looked pretty happy, playing with a Christmas tree.  So adorable!”

Berlin Trip 2007 264.jpg


I had posted this picture of Knut on my Facebook page, and wrote, “Knut made the news last year because his mother rejected him, and the zoo rescued him.  Animal rights activists disagreed with this, and it was a big controversy.  Now he’s one year old.  He was so cute, toying with his Christmas trees.  There was some sort of news crew there, doing a story.  I can’t imagine why — I mean, he’s a bear.  Not much is really going on with him these days… or IS there..?”

A few years ago, Andrew told me that Knut had died.  I was very sad that day.  *sigh*

“We also saw Asiatic black bears, giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and I saw BauBau the panda bear up close, because it was feeding time!”

Berlin Trip 2007 261.jpg

The first panda I ever saw: Bau Bau!

“Um… I hated the monkeys.  The nocturnal animals were pretty cool, but every time we went into any sort of enclosed animal spaces, my allergies went nuts.  Oh yeah, we also saw lions (I think I added this because Andrew was reading over my shoulder and was reminding me of stuff to add to the journal entry).  The Berlin Zoo is pretty neat and I’m glad we went.”

“Then we took the train to Prenzlauer Berg, which is an up-and-coming trendy part of what was East Berlin.  We had lunch at a place called Ali Baba’s, which had delicious Middle Eastern food, this was our favourite meal of our entire trip.  Andrew had falafel, and I had a calzone, which was made in a fire-oven.  YUM!  Then we shopped around a bit.  There are many great record shops in that area, but didn’t buy any because we didn’t really have the time to browse.  Then we returned to the hotel for a foot massage for Andrew courtesy of moi, and a nap.  Then out again for supper.  I decided we should visit KaDeWe, Europe’s largest department store… and Andrew’s greatest nightmare.”

Berlin Trip 2007 003.jpg

We went inside there. It was the worst time of Andrew’s life.

Honestly, I wasn’t even shopping for clothes!  I just wanted to wander around the gourmet floor.  It was truly a wonderland.  I remember the crowds being insane… that’s probably what put Andrew off.  But apparently crowds don’t bother me when I’m around food?  I could’ve stayed there forever.  Which probably made it even more annoying for Andrew.  Once he convinced me to exit, it took forever to find our way out.  Excellent.

“So we went to the Hard Rock Cafe where we made snide remarks to each other about our fellow restaurant-goers’ poor dining choice (and were therefore also making fun of ourselves)… and we drank a LOT.  Then to bed!”

Yes, classy.  THIS is how we concluded this trip.  We were just so tired and felt super-crappy and just didn’t care anymore.  I remember we turned a corner on our way back to our hotel, saw Hard Rock Cafe, looked at each other, shrugged, and went in.  By this time I had realized I had a terrible cold, too.  So we ate and drank our cares away.  We drank SO MUCH.  It was ridiculous.  It was our little farewell to Berlin.

We’ll totally have to go back.  I suspect we’d do a few things differently… but I regret nothing!

Berlin Trip 2007 093.jpg


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