The One Place I Cannot Sleep

Well, the conclusion of yesterday’s post was a little misleading.  I’m not quite ready to talk about Berlin, because I first have to talk about the flight across the ocean.

I, like most people I’m sure, have a lot of thoughts and opinions regarding flight and comfort.  First, I am very grateful to only be 5’5″.  This gives me enough room to wiggle around in my economy seat.  Andrew is 6’2″ and I often feel bad for him when he has to fold his long legs into tiny seats… but he’s used to being tall, this is nothing new to him and he actually handles his height with finesse, and fidgets in his plane seat a lot less than I do.  He’s very calm, and generally simply falls asleep with ease, for the duration of the flight.


This is how I party: a weekend at a cabin with friends, and how do I show that I’m having the time of my life? I take a nap. Thankfully, I have dear friends like Tracy who are pretty much on the same page.

I generally am a tremendous sleeper.  I could sleep anywhere — I’m like an elderly man in that way.  I’ve slept through a great many classes, movies, church services… and I’ve fallen asleep while driving many, MANY times.  But the one place I cannot sleep, is a plane.  I learned this on our first trip overseas.  I was nervous, so I took some pills to put me to sleep.  THEY DIDN’T WORK.  I could feel the drugs trying to knock me out, but my brain wouldn’t let it happen.  I was very foggy and uncomfortable.  After that experience, I resigned myself to watching whatever movies I can, as Andrew sleeps peacefully beside me on the plane.

So, here’s an excerpt from my journal:
“Monday Dec.24 // We’re in Berlin!  I really couldn’t sleep on the plane from Minneapolis to Amsterdam.  Oh, and also the plane’s seating was different than we thought.  We were across the aisle from each other!  I felt kind of violated, that they would separate us.  But the lady beside me was willing to trade with Andrew.  I watched ‘Darjeeling Limited’, and then ‘Stardust’, both of which were sort of meh.  Though ‘Darjeeling’ is more my kind of movie than fantasy.  Two days of travel with long layovers was kind of brutal, I’m exhausted and I feel smelly.  Thankfully my hair is really good right now.”  

That hair comment cracks me up.  It couldn’t possibly have been true.

So, the movie thing.  I watch movies on planes that I probably wouldn’t otherwise.  Like, “Stardust”.  Ha!  Sometimes I just choose movies, hoping they’ll put me to sleep.

Confession time: we actually lost most of our pictures from our Berlin trip.  At one point our computer crashed and all was lost.  The only pictures that remained were the ones Andrew had quickly uploaded to Facebook upon our return.  So, here’s a photo that’s not related to this post at all, but it’s one we did take on this trip:

Berlin Trip 2007 007.jpg

Andrew writes: “Hotel Adlon. Most famous and expensive hotel in Berlin. Also the one where MJ threw his baby out the window or whatever he did…” (Andrew’s caption amuses me.)

Tomorrow I get to write about our first experiences in Berlin!


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